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1. "are u an agent?"

I won't confirm or deny it.

2. "do you think the rby community has a future on twitch?"

It doesn't have to be Twitch: it can be YouTube or another social media platform.  It's more about whether somebody has the passion and motivation to do it.

3. "best live music experience?"

I've never been to a concert.

4. "If you played 10 RBY OU games in which you would win if you hit a Blizzard, would you say that you deserve to win all 10 of them?"

It depends on what happened prior (and after) to this turn, of course. 

5. "what's your favourite non-standard pokemon to use in RBY OU and why?"

I'd say Lickitung, as I actually used it quite a bit on both the ladder and even in tournament play in 2013.  Few things felt more satisfying then getting a lucky turn and firing off a boosted Hyper Beam from one of the worst Pokemon.  Besides that, Raichu gets an honorable mention as it's my favorite.

6. "Imagine two Pokémon teams, which we shall call Team A and Team B. Team A and Team B are each used to play 1,000 battles on the ladder. Team A achieves a win-loss record of 900-100, and of the 100 losses, 10 of them are a result of hax. On the other hand, Team B achieves a win-loss record of 700-300, and of the 300 losses, 290 of them are a result of hax. Which team would you say is better, Team A or Team B?"

I'd say they'd be about equal if we're talking about RBY.  If you go 700-300 that leaves you with a 70% win ratio, which is insane. There has to be a point where winning isn't everything, either, and I do believe that there are always players who are just as good as the one who wins the most but just lack the numbers to prove it to other people.

7. "What are your thoughts on allowing your team to get 6-0'd by a relatively uncommon Pokémon/Pokémon moveset in exchange for drastically lowering your chances of losing as a result of hax, 50/50s, Speed ties, incorrectly guessing your opponent's movesets, and other things like that in the vast majority of matchups?"

Yeah, other tiers come down to matchup.  It's impossible to account for everything; it's important to accept that it's a part of the game.  Don't beat yourself up if it doesn't always work out and move on.  If you did your best in preparing for your opponent but still didn't get the desirable matchup, then there is no shame in it.  However, if you didn't put the work in, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

8. "are your thoughts on prediction (which includes guessing what moveset the opponent's Pokémon is running)? In your opinion, how much of prediction is skill, and how much of it is luck? Which do you consider to be higher form of skill, predicting correctly, or not getting into a situation in which you need to predict in the first place?"

It depends on the context.  There are times when you know precisely what the opponent will do, which is what I would identify as skill.  Likewise, there are also times when you try to predict to keep your chances of winning alive but aren't sure what the opponent will do and hope for the best.

9. "What are your favorite Pokémon and moves of each type?"

Electric. I like the aesthetics, the variety, and the power.

10. "How do you deal with playing consistently when you're simply not feeling it? why don't players quit for 6 months then play for another 6 months when they're feeling not into it? how do people play every tour under their disposable constantly and get results ? are they freaks of nature or are they susceptible to burnout (some very well known examples exist of amazing players burning out)."

Sometimes players are trying to achieve something that can only be done by grinding it out; for example, consider the old Master Tournament scene on Pokemon Perfect.  I didn't always want to play, but I had to in order to ensure that I would remain in the top 3 of the Player Rankings, have a shot at winning a season, etc.  It's a mental game, but if you have the drive and ambition, you'll overcome those barriers.

11. "are there points where you simply just lose your ability to make good judgements during games? if there are, how do you cope?"

It isn't always losing the ability to make good judgments--you just get outplayed sometimes, plain and simple.  If it really is a case of making good judgments, then I would analyze my games and try to figure out where I'm going wrong and how I can take advantage of current trends.  This is how I brought back lead Exeggutor in 2017, for example: I noticed that Alakazam had become the dominant lead, and took advantage of the trend. 

12. "you're known for constantly overcoming adversity. what was the hardest thing you ever had to deal with?"

That's a hard one.  My year on Smogon, while certainly fun at times, was also unfathomably political but didn't last long enough.  Maybe I would say everything that happened to me from 2015 to the end of 2016, as this made my run in 2017 feel like such a culmination.

13. "opinion on the new rby2k20 forum?"

It offers an interesting alternative, which is important because it needs to distinguish itself from its competition in order to have a shot at succeeding.

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