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If there's one valuable lesson I've learned in life, it's to listen more than you talk.  This is especially prudent in the competitive Pokemon world, where there are so many people who would be more than happy to discuss their life stories with you, given you ask the right questions and show a genuine interest in hearing what they have to say.  In fact, I spent so much time writing about myself and compiling data on my own numbers without realizing the untapped potential of the interview.  There is no better way to learn--not just about an individual, but about a way of thinking that can be entirely different from yours--than by sitting down with someone and listening. 

My approach to interviewing is to ask the right questions--no matter how controversial or confrontational they may be--but with a sympathetic mindset.  My goal is not to fight or dispute the person's words, but rather to learn as much as I can.  Also, in this world it's easy to forget that, regardless how asocial and abnormal many people may present themselves to be, we are all people.  I want to understand more about these people and their motives in order to highlight as many colors of this world as I can.  The competitive Pokemon realm is not merely black and white (black being the, shall we say, "trolls," and white being the, shall we say, "normal" people)--it's far more intriguing than that. Let's paint.

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