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Part fourteen - the hall of fame

GGFan: Alright, let's talk about your hall of fame. I'll say a name and you tell me whether that person would belong there. You can say as much or as little as you want.

1. Mister Tim

marco: tough one, i would say no

GGFan: 2. Golden Gyarados

marco: it hurts me to say no, but i have to

GGFan: 3. Raish

marco: i have to be consistent with the line i drew

raish is one of my favourite players, but i have to say no again

GGFan: 4. Lutra

marco: yes for rby #1, could've been for rby#2

he stopped...

GGFan: 5. Hipmonlee

marco: honestly, i don't know him enough

GGFan: 6. Crystal

marco: just like lutra

GGFan: 7. Bedschibaer

marco: borderline for rby #2, i told you that my guts say no

can't fault you for allowing him in

GGFan: 8. roudolf

marco: yes, for rby #2

GGFan: 9. GGFan

marco: yes for rby#1, no for rby#2 but it would become a yes with some more tournaments

GGFan: 10. Isa

marco: same as lutra and crystal_

GGFan: 11. Ortheore

marco: argh... no

GGFan: 12. Peasounay

marco: yes, rby#2 obviously

GGFan: 13. M Dragon

marco: mmm tough one

rby#1 yes, 2 no

he has a different case from lutra/crystal_/isa

GGFan: 14. Disaster Area

marco: no

GGFan: 15. Genesis7

marco: no

GGFan: 16. HML Am

marco: no, he has time though

GGFan: 17. Ebola

marco: no

GGFan: 18. Nails

marco: no

GGFan: 19. Metalgross

marco: not yet


marco: no, he didn't even play on the tournament scene

GGFan: 21. ErPeris

marco: i wish he had


GGFan: 22. Tiba

marco: i only know him in rby#2, yes

GGFan: 23. Floppy/gorgie

marco: hard to tell what he could've done on PP... he's a multigen player, didn't spend much time playing rby#2

i don't know, so no

GGFan: 24. The Chaser

marco: i don't know him enough, no

GGFan: 25. Kaz

marco: tough one, borderline


can't fault you for putting yourself, beds and kaz in though

GGFan: 26. Idiot Ninja

marco: no, but it's up to him to become part of the hall of fame

i mean that he could

GGFan: 27. SadisticNarwhal

marco :not yet into the conversation, but he has potential

GGFan: 28. reyscarface

marcoasd: i don't know him enough

just like before, no

GGFan: 29. Friendofmrgolem

marco: same

GGFan:Of the ones that made your hall of fame for RBY #1, rank them from 1-5.

marco: hard to tell: I'd pick you, then crystal_, lutra and isa; not really sure about the order

other members: mdragon, jorgen

GGFan:How about for RBY #2?

marco: so... first of all i don't know tiba enough, and we're leaving myself out(edited

so, something like: troller, peasounay, lusch, roudolf, alexander

GGFan: Now include yourself in both rankings.

How does it look now?

marco: it looks like it's hard to rank myself over these guys

i'm only lucky enough to have a spreadsheet saying that i have stacked up almost 400 points and some interviews from other guys saying i am their number one pick

Part fifteen - final thoughts

GGFan: Can you tell us what your five favorite tournament matches of all time are?

marco: haha

very hard to tell

but i assume they're all from rby#1

against you, lutra, crystal, isa

but there is a specific game that i would put as number 1

it's from rby #1 i guess

i feel that this game made troller look at me in a completely different way

undeservedly too...

so, i was mentoring him: he was just a young guy who was picking up rby

he was well known for being an haxer, he was spamming blizzard even in spots where it didn't make any sense

and he was getting a lot of freezes

so, we're not even talking about troller the well known player

i was using a weird team: starmie lead, golem, victreebel, slowbro... something among those lines

something went wrong in the early game, he played well and we got to a point were we both thought it was game over


GGFan: What year was this?

marco: i think it was from rby #1

well, just a little bit before the incident

so... we were talking about me being doomed, but i looked at my team and i said: "i need to win 7 mindgames and i'll get out of this"

obviously, performing something like that involves luck

somehow, i did and my victreebel swept

the interesting part is that i was able to count the number of mindgames i needed

to this very day, i'm not sure that this game actually took place in reality and not in my dreams

but i am pretty positive that it did, maybe he remembers that one

GGFan: You should ask him.

Do you have any final thoughts or words before we go?

marco: well, you didn't cover the part of the second run of team italy into wcop

GGFan: What year was this?

marco: it was one of the most important tournaments i played in

summer 2018

GGFan: Oh, that's right.

Your final tournament on Smogon.

Alright, let's talk about it. The pool was stacked.

Who did you play in the first round?

marco: i don't remember very well the opposition, but i went 3-0

GGFan: Who did you play in the second round?

marco: the fact about this tournament is that team italy was considered a contender at this point

GGFan: Oh, you played Oceania in the second round.

marco: we were considered a joke until 2016, got to the semifinals in 2017 and we were considered a contender in 2018

GGFan: You went up against Hipmonlee. How did the games go, and what did you think of his play?

So you were on this journey to finally win it.

marco: i don't remember his plays very well: overall, it looked like he was doing pre 2015 stuff in 2018

he was competent, but i was more into it

it was not easy to beat him

still, we were all looking for the final stages of the tournament

GGFan: So you barely edged out Oceania and made it into the semi finals for the first time.

marco: my victories were almost taken for granted...

GGFan: But things did not go well against US East.

marco: we made it to the semi finals the year before too, i guess

but this time the semi finals felt like the finals because US East were like a death sentence

GGFan: No, you were knocked out in the second round.

marco: by germany?

GGFan: Yes, US East was stacked.

No, by Spain.

How was team morale during the semi finals

I guess the chat was exploding?

Everybody was trying to help each other?

marco: mmm we lost to spain the first time we made it to the playoffs, then to germany and after to US east

when we lost to spain, there was no rby

GGFan: But tell me about the environment during the semi finals against US East.

marco: so... i went first against teal6, and beat him

after that, we fell down to 1-6

GGFan: How was the chat? I guess it was super active, right?

marco: that was pretty bad, and it was a very hard wakeup from a dream

well, i was working so i was limited

GGFan: Was this the most heartbreaking loss you ever experienced?

marco: the turning point of the series was an XY game between tricking and ABR

i should check this up, but i think it's correct

he was winning the game, but he didn't put the final dagger and got lucked

after that, it was very hard to come back

yes, it was

all in all, i feel like US East was the best team ever in the game

it's ok to lose against them, but in a best of 12 matches anything can happen

i felt like we lacked some competitive spirit and experience, that they had instead

i was pretty disappointed about that and i let them know, but at the end of the day i still love TI and i am still in contact with many of them

so, at the end of the interview we're coming back to a point i stated before: not only US east had a great team, i feel like they also had the culture

GGFan: Do you think Team Italy will ever win it?

marco: i don't know, everything changed

i don't know much about the team either: i just can't help them anymore

GGFan: It looks like the team did not do well last year

They failed to make it out of the first round.

marco: RBY OU won't be part of the tournament anymore, and yeah the team did not do well

GGFan: So that ends that chapter.

marco: it looks like we're back to 2015

nobody considers us a contender

GGFan: OK, do you have any other final thoughts or words before we end this?

marco: well, my final thought is that TI is the most important experience i have made thanks to my RBY skills, however I feel like I never was the best pokemon player in any team i have ever been in and i can be proud of having been one of the leaders of TI

for me to help us to become a contender, i had to do much more than just clicking buttons

most of all, the guys around me knew that i cared and i stepped into my games prepared and i expected them to do the same

it's not easy for a relatively small playerbase like ours to get that far, we can be ok with everything we have done

GGFan: Yes, you had a great run that year.

That's all you can hope for in the end.

It's not always about winning and losing.

marco: final thought number two: good luck capitalizing and proofreading all the shit i have spread all over

GGFan: I'm not editing the way you write.

No way.

It's going to take long enough to put this on the website.

marco: oh well, i feel like the readers are going to enjoy the content

GGFan: Definitely.

marco: at least, there won't be any hating since you don't allow comments haha!

GGFan: Alright, thanks a lot for your time, and see you on the ladder, caco adosso.

Yeah, all trolling is happily deleted.

marco: thanks for having me

well, it would be nice to know who you are

so that i could try to focus a bit more when i play you

GGFan: I'll tell you after I peak.


marco: maybe i won't make you wait and i will always say gg!

GGFan: I want to see how high I can get.


marco: I have peaked at almost 1700

GGFan: I noticed.

marco: i get up and down

GGFan: I won't get THAT high.

I'd be happy with 1600-1650.

marco: i just can't get focused enough in the long run

GGFan: But it'll be difficult.

marco: and obviously, when you get super high something bad with luck happens

GGFan: Yeah, that's ladder for you.

marco: and then you go on a bad streak, falling off the radar

that's how it works with mtg arena as well... that's just laddering

interview publication date - 4/27/2020

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