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Throughout the history of the game, certain players and certain years have stood out amongst the rest.  Thus, the purpose of my "Number Wars" series (besides to simply engage in an activity that I find interesting) is to compare the best against the best in order to find out who the best truly is.  Moreover, by conducting these thorough comparisons of others' achievements, I am, in a way, ensuring that the history and legacy behind the numbers will be preserved, as performing this type of analysis has seldom--if not ever--been done before.  For example, people may know the likes of marcoasd, Peasounay, Lusch, roudolf18, and so on, but how well do they know the numbers?  What do the numbers say about them? 

I suppose it goes without saying that I will, for the most part, only focus on gen 1/RBY, since most of my time in the competitive scene has been spent battling it out in Taurlympis, the ancient arena located at the top of the chromatic mountain.   However, if given a specific request to dedicate an episode to another gen, I will certainly consider it.  Now then, let's duke it out!

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