Dedication and determination

Master Tournament #20, which took place in the fall of 2015, marked the debut of four great talents: Lusch, Troller, Alexander, and Peasounay.  While Lusch had prior experience on the PO ladder, Troller had been playing on the Italian circuit, and Alex had a phenomenal tutor in marcoasd, Peasounay's start on the Master Tournament scene was his introduction to competitive play.  As expected, he was not all that successful early on, losing more often than not and failing to make it past the second round of any tournament.  This trend, much to Peasounay's exasperation, lasted for several months; however, he was determined to improve.  In the middle of 2016, he had a tremendous sparring partner in Lusch, who he would play against repeatedly in a sterling effort to better himself.  The training paid off when, for the first time, Peasounay not only made it past the second round but won his first tournament, Master Tournament #26, in the summer of that year.  From there, he would establish himself as a serious contender, going deeper in tournaments and winning many more games.  After a slow start, Peasounay managed to win just over 100 games in 2016, which is a very impressive feat.

The most dominant year ever?

2017 was a special year for both Pokemon Perfect and RBY that was centered around Peasounay, who very likely had the most dominant year ever in the history of competitive Pokemon--not just in the ancient arts.  Although my website is more dedicated to legacies forged on Pokemon Perfect, one simply can't ignore what he achieved on Smogon as well.  The year began with SPL, in which Peasounay formed an unfathomable 8-1 record.   He then proceeded to win the Global Championship and make the semi finals of the RBY Cup, ending up with over 70 wins and a 70% win percentage on Smogon.  Meanwhile, on Pokemon Perfect, he conquered the ladder and won the always-arduous Cerulean Cup, then started to get hot on the Master Tournament scene, winning two in a row.  His momentum continued into one of the "tournament of champions," the Indigo Cup, which he won to add to his already ostentatious cap.  What followed after was winning a memorable edition of the World Championship and a dominant performance in Pokemon Perfect's first World Cup.  All in all, Peasounay ended the year with nearly 280 wins combined on Smogon, Pokemon Perfect, and Pokemon Online, which may be a record.  On Pokemon Perfect alone he won over 200 games (my tally includes wins in EVERY tournament, even the lower tier ones), which certainly is.  To win that many games throughout the year is truly one of the all-time great achievements.

Riding off into the sunset

Having achieved everything he wanted to (as well as alluding to reasonable burnout), 2018 was a year of limited involvement.  Nonetheless, Peasounay went out on a high note, only dropping one set in PPL en route to winning the trophy and then forging a positive record in the second World Cup before hanging it up for good.  In three years on Pokemon Perfect, Peasounay won well over 300 games and maintained a win percentage of over 62%--true marks of consistency.  What he lacks in longevity he makes up for in bewilderment, for it is difficult for some to imagine one could win that much in one year.  Quite the legacy to have.



Sets won: 1

Sets lost: 2

Win/loss record: 5-8

Win percentage: 38.4%

Tournaments played: 3

Tournaments won: 0

Final-round appearances: 0

Top 4 finishes: 0


Sets won: 31

Sets lost: 17

Win/loss record: 101-63

Win percentage: 61.58%

Tournaments played: 14

Tournaments won: 2

Final-round appearances: 4

Top 4 finishes: 6



Sets won: 72

Sets lost: 25

Win/loss record: 204-110

Win percentage: 64.97%

Tournaments played: 21

Tournaments won: 6

Final-round appearances: 8

Top 4 finishes: 11



Sets won: 11

Sets lost: 5

Win/loss record: 25-16

Win percentage: 60.90%

Tournaments played: 3

Tournaments won: 1

Final-round appearances: 1

Top 4 finishes: 1



Sets won: 115

Sets lost: 49

Win/loss record: 335-197

Win percentage: 62.97%

Tournaments played: 41

Tournaments won: 9

Final-round appearances: 13

Top 4 finishes: 18


Notable accomplishments:

Won: Master Tournament, World Championship, PPL, Indigo Cup, Cerulean Cup

Finals: World Cup

Seasons: 2nd (12, 13), 3rd (9)

Player Rankings: 1st (11), 2nd (9, 10, 12), 3rd (8)