The black sheep

Troller, alongside Lusch, Peasounay, and Alexander, made his debut on Pokemon Perfect in Master Tournament #20 in the fall of 2015.  However, compared to his peers, Troller got off to a rough start, as he went all of 2016 without winning a singles tournament.  Nonetheless, it was already apparent that the potential was there, even if he wasn't as lauded as the others.  Prior to his arrival in the chromatic mountains, Troller used to play in the Italian circuit sometime in either 2013 or 2014, which was home to an incredibly dedicated RBY scene, so there was no doubt that he would be able to make the transition to Pokemon Perfect as long as he was motivated enough.  By his standards, his first full year was rather pedestrian, but he was still a part of the winning team that won the first PPL, and he competed in his first final-round Master Tournament set. 

Ascension into greatness

I would argue that 2017 was maybe the most eventful year in the history of both Pokemon Perfect and competitive RBY, and Troller was one of its brightest starts by this point.  After a poor performance in the World Championship the year before and a less-than-stellar outing in the second PPL, things started to look up when Troller won the Viridian Cup, which was a team tournament of sorts.  Now with a cup victory under his belt, momentum was sky high and there seemed to be no limits as to how great Troller could become, as he won his first singles tournament, Master Tournament #35, immediately after, and came within two points of winning Season #12, which was one of the most competitive seasons in Pokemon Perfect's history.  For the remainder of the year, Troller remained one of the most dominant players in the organization, winning two more Master Tournaments, the first World Cup, and made it into the semi finals of the World Championship.  Overall, Troller ended 2017 with a staggering win percentage of over 66%, which is about as good it gets in such an arduous and competitive environment, and won 6 out of the 10 tournaments he played in.

King of the mountain

As good as Troller was in 2017, I would argue that there were 2 or 3 players who were above him.  There is no debate that 2018 would be Troller's year, though, as he won yet another 6 tournaments, three of which were the Indigo Cup, Fuchsia Cup, and the World Championship respectively.  At one point, he had won three tournaments in a row, which is a feat only three other players have managed to replicate.  Now with multiple Master Tournaments, the World Championship, and two tournaments of champions to his name, Troller cemented his legacy as one of the all-time greats.  It would also be remiss not to mention that he was roughly 80 games over .500 in 2018--that's simply amazing.

One more trophy

In 2019, it was clear that Troller was finally slowing down.  He dropped out of the Indigo Cup despite being in the semi finals, and was disqualified for the first time in a Master Tournament.  He left on a high note, however, by conquering the ladder and the winning the Cerulean Cup as well as one more Master Tournament before losing in the finals of another.  When it was all said and done, Troller amassed over 400 wins, won 15 tournaments, and had a win percentage of nearly 64%.  He is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest ever.



Sets won: 1  

Sets lost: 2

Win/loss record: 8-8

Win percentage: 50%

Tournaments played: 3

Tournaments won: 0

Final-round appearances: 0

Top 4 finishes: 0



Sets won: 18  

Sets lost: 15

Win/loss record: 57-45

Win percentage: 55.8%

Tournaments played: 11

Tournaments won: 1

Final-round appearances: 2

Top 4 finishes: 3



Sets won: 38  

Sets lost: 13

Win/loss record: 116-55

Win percentage: 67.84%

Tournaments played: 10

Tournaments won: 6

Final-round appearances: 6

Top 4 finishes: 7



Sets won: 51

Sets lost: 17

Win/loss record: 162-83

Win percentage: 66.12%

Tournaments played: 18

Tournaments won: 6

Final-round appearances: 6

Top 4 finishes: 7



Sets won: 28

Sets lost: 12

Win/loss record: 85-50

Win percentage: 62.96%

Tournaments played: 11

Tournaments won: 2

Final-round appearances: 4

Top 4 finishes: 7



Sets won: 136

Sets lost: 59

Win/loss record: 428-241

Win percentage: 63.98%

Tournaments played: 53

Tournaments won: 15

Final-round appearances: 18

Top 4 finishes: 21

Notable accomplishments:

Won: Master Tournament, Season, PPL, World Cup, World Championship, Indigo Cup, Cerulean Cup, Viridian Cup, Fuchsia Cup

Seasons: 1st (13, 15, 17), 2nd (12, 16)

Player Rankings: 1st (12-16), 2nd (11)