1. "ggfan what do you think about my favorite comedian, Bo Burnham?"

I'm not familiar with him, unfortunately.  Sorry that I can't provide an interesting answer.

2. "why did you decide to stop playing adv after being so successful in the netbattle era and go back to rby?"

Short answer: you never choose RBY.  RBY chooses you.

Long answer: I felt that I had accomplished everything I wanted to in ADV from 2005-2010, as I had won tournaments in ADV OU, ADV UU, and ADV Doubles, and I had also made it into at least the top 4 in ADV Ubers, ADV BL, and Ubers Doubles.  Since I performed well in practically every extant ADV metagame, I saw the burgeoning territory known as RBY2K10 as an exciting challenge. It was an opportunity to go back to my roots, I suppose, as well as help RBY from going extinct at a time when there was a noticeable paucity of tournaments.  DPP was now the current gen, which meant that ADV was going to be played less and RBY now had even more adversity stacked up against it. 

3. "So what forums would you say were the most notable for RBY over the course of its history? I've been meaning to do a deep dive and compile resources from across RBY for a while, since it's so decentralised. It'd be a great chance to get stuff updated. I currently know of:


- THE Alternative

- Your website

- RBY 2k20

- RBY 2k10 (defunct)

- Azure Heights (essentially the first place, right?)

- Pokemon Perfect

- Smogon Forums and...I think a few others that I'm forgetting."

I would say:


1. Azure Heights due to its resources which were avant garde at the time, such as its PBS and damage calc.  Its staff were highly asocial assholes, though, who had an alienating "country club" mentality.

2. GameFAQs.  The competitive scene reached new heights here, as toxic and destructive as it was.

3. THE Alternative.  The first organization dedicated solely to competitive RBY.

4. Pokemon Perfect.  This is where "the golden age" of RBY took place.

5. The GGFan Experience.  The quintessential history textbook of gen one.

4. "Dear Mr. GGFan,


My name is Jason (Ἰάσων), and I am greek. I've been a silent follower of yours ever since last year when friends of mine started talking about you and I got curious. Said friends, as you might've guessed, are from the Greek Pokemon Community. I also couldn't help but notice that you are on very positive terms with the Greeks. With the prologue out of the way: My question is simple yet it might require a detailed response, for I want to know as much as possible. When did you get aquainted with the Greek pokemon community and why? I thank you in advance for your time. And I will be awaiting your response with patience and a strong sense of curiosity.


With much respect, -Jason"

Back in the first Pokemon Perfect World Cup in 2017, I faced Mysterious M in the fourth week as a member of team North America and lost in what was a tumultuous encounter due to the tension my manager, Konzern, caused a week earlier.  I felt that I had no choice but to abet him and defend the controversial decision he had made, which angered M and resulted in us exchanging unsavory words towards each other.  Shortly after our set in WCOPP, we had a rematch in the second round of a Master Tournament which I won.  He did not take the loss well, but I earned his respect and I believe his perception of me changed.  Fast forward to the last week of SPL, which saw me play beloved roudolf18.  Although I was not victorious against him, he admitted I was a player he respected a lot, which seemed to heighten my renown in your countrymens' eyes.

The story continues in the fall of 2018, when I faced Christos in the third week as a member of team Asia.  This was a highly competitive set that went over 100 minutes which I won to remain undefeated.  What ensued as a memorable victory post:

"Squeaked by Greek warrior Christos 2-1 in a truly incredible set. Game 1 went well over 100 turns, in game 2 all that was left standing was a Rhydon at 1-5 HP, and in game 3 I got a very lucky fp + crit to get the momentum needed to win. Overall, it was about 100 minutes of Pokemon played at the highest level against a consummate professional with supreme potential.

Good games, Christos. Now then, I must say that this has been a very, shall we say, 'positive' experience for me with 'zero' regrets or setbacks.


If you have a problem with my nuanced and colorful language after just returning from the best duel in WCOPP history, I have but one thing to say to you:


P.S nice choice of names, dear Christos, but only one man, only one legend, only one venerable icon can wield Shimtup, the legendary blade that has been passed down throughout the ages to only the most exemplary warriors, and that man is none other than GEEEE, GEEEEEEEEEEE, FFFAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNN!"

Summary: I had memorable encounters against three of Greece's best, they respected me, liked my posts tremendously, and began to find me quite endearing.

5. "Is it true that you gave/lend Asuk4 the shimtup so that he can bring you Popolings' head? If yes, what made you decide to do so? Why Asuk4?"

Yes, it's all true.  I believed in him, and so I gave him my blessing.  He seemed determined and diligent enough.

6. "Whats your definition of a legendary player? Do you have to feel in a special way for the game you are playing? Going by the results to decide it(which might be difficult if the playerpool isnt strong enough)? Or is there another metric?"

I think to be considered a legend you need to have accomplished something that makes you transcend different eras.  For example, inventing and/or popularizing certain Pokemon and/or movesets and thereby influencing the metagame.  It could be somebody who dominated the game in such a way that may never be seen or be replicated again.  There are a lot of good--even great--players out there, but the legends stand out for notable reasons.  However, I don't necessarily believe a legend is always better than most of the pack, too.

7. "Approximately how many ladder alts did you use since you started playing?"

I had three on PO.  I reached #1 with the one I used the most (Mr. Friendly) and #2 with two others (Mezura and Vanilla Duttress).  In fact, at one point, Mr. Friendly and Vanilla Duttress were #1 and #2 respectively.  On Showdown I reached 1500 on the ADV ladder in 2016 as Speed Stick and reached #3 as Yummy Ice Cream on the RBY ladder in 2017.  In 2020 I hit 1500 as gregarious soul, and am currently playing under another name.  So, seven in total.

8. "What is/was the most prestigious RBY tournament in 2020/or possibly 2021?"

Since Pokemon Perfect is dead, it has to be one of the tournaments on Smogon, though they're all kind of repetitive in the sense that the formats are similar and they aren't consistent.  I wouldn't say RBY Cup because it's a single-elimination bo3.  Maybe Global Championship, but I don't think that's saying much because its RBY scene doesn't feel that cohesive.

9. "would you say the ladder is currently more important than the tournaments?"

No--it's in an abysmal state.  The PO ladder was vastly more competitive, and the Showdown ladder peaked in 2016-2017.

10. "Have you ever been to Hong Kong? If yes what do you think about it? Is it a more relaxed China?"

I haven't been there yet.  I'd like to visit next year, though.