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1. "would you ever have any interest in playing a modded rby metagame?"

Not really, to be honest.  It's already enough of a commitment to play the standardized tiers.  The only exception would be something like RBY without Freeze Clause.

2. "what is your favourite way of eating eggs?"


3. "Are you a partaker in illicit substances?"

Not anymore.

4. "favorite breed of cat?"


5. "whats your opinion ggfan on people switching to chansey turn 1 in rby"

It highlights how prevalent team scouting has become.  We're in the era of replays now, making it easier to analyze the opponent's tendencies and devise counter strategies that will give us an immediate advantage.  It also shows us how unwilling a lot of players are to allow their lead to take paralysis, a trend which I believe was produced from the emergence of trap teams.

6. "give your honest and unfiltered opinions on the following people:




~m dragon




~pasy g"

BKC: When I was unbanned from Smogon, I noticed that he once claimed he beat me in a tournament somewhere.  This never happened; however, we did play on the ADV ladder in 2017 when we were both at 1400+ and I won the game.  Other than that, nothing but respect.  He played a big role in lifting said ban, protested when I was banned again (and again for no reason), and gives me credit when it's due.  He's one of the few big names on that site who aren't passive aggressive, asocial and/or mentally retarded buffoons.  Very easy to approach.

Finchinator: As should be expected from someone who has pandered to Smogon for as long as he has, he used to occasionally run his mouth about me back in the SmogonJr days.  I actually don't hold much of a grudge about that considering your typical brainless Smogon player despises outside competition and I was (and still am) the embodiment of that.  He had to defend his kingdom like a loyal knight.  Unfortunately, he took his stupidity to extreme and unnecessary degrees when my ban from Smogon was lifted and started harassing (keep this word in mind) me once again, telling his lackeys that I wasn't "that good" and, "i would take marco beds alex lusch and peas over ggfan any day." Someone brought his recent bout of pathetic flailing to my attention: after losing a set in the semi finals of a tournament, he cried about being harassed (all in his mind, probably) and tried to present himself as an exemplary figure--after years of unwarranted idiocy while spectating games and as an authority figure, trolling in various servers, and so on.  It's honestly sad that somebody who has been playing for a decade spends hours publishing videos about why he shouldn't have lost and was better than his opponent and crying about being harassed when he's a negative influence in one of the most degenerate and toxic gaming communities in existence.  Now, going back to what he said about me during SPL season, it's funny that the hypocrite would say that considering I beat Alex, Bernard, and marco back to back to back during my great run in the Fuchsia Cup, and would go on to beat Peasounay and Lusch in SPL.  Leave it to someone who isn't an idiot with a petty grudge because "he didn't play in smogon therefore he is bad" like M Dragon to give me a chance and shut him up.  His remark that I wasn't that good stemmed from a lucky win against me in a tour the year before, but, of course, he either forgot or conveniently neglected to mention that he also beat marco in the finals of that event.  Like I said, it's sad that somebody who has been playing for a decade could be such a hypocrite and so petty.  I should point out, though, that we did get along for a bit, after my run in SPL.  It seemed as though I earned his respect somewhat, but he went back to his usual ways by the summer.

Phillip7089: A massive "made for Smogon" idiot who happily appeased his village of degenerates by behaving just as cowardly and pathetic as the rest of them.  I shouldn't have to say anything about him, though, for there was no reason for him to resort to his baseless Smogon slander other than cowardice.  During SPL, I couldn't connect to the Smogtours server because I was in China at the time, and even using a VPN wasn't enough.  I was, however, able to play on the Chinese server, and even notable figures were trying to explain that I had played there quite often.  It's fine if rules were rules and only games could be played on their server.  You would think that, on this stage, the managers could be a bit more graceful with their language, or at least polite, but what I got was this: "ggfan has a history of cheating so we can't accept that."  I have never been accused of cheating in all of the time I spent in the competitive scene, and it's especially pitiful that he would make that remark not only in the middle of the tournament, but after I had overcome so much (the year that I had in 2017 as a player, all the trolling I overcame throughout the years) just to have my stupid ban removed.  His response to my victory in the week after that was something along the lines of, "You praised yourself with alts for years, so now maybe you can become a decent person."  Well, I had over 2500 likes in my first 100 posts, and my ban from Smogon of all places generated legitimate outrage.  I don't know who these "alts" that gave me such positive attention could possibly be.  Also, if that's the best defense you can come up with after I beat your best players in YOUR territory, then all I can do is laugh and walk away--which is exactly what I did.

M Dragon: I owe a lot to him.  Honestly, I can't say this about anybody except maybe him, but if he were to ever become a real Smogon and start spewing vitriol about me, saying things such as, "GGFan is shit, he sucks, he's worthless, I hate him," I wouldn't respond.  He wanted me as his starter, he gave me a chance, he went to bat for me in week 3, and he even let me into the Shark's discord in 2019.  If we were opponents in a team tournament and I had the possibility of taking a DQ win against his player (which is what Peasounay was faced with when we played), I would refuse to play solely out of respect to him, even if it meant hurting my team.

ABR: Speaking of week 3, this is the idiot (one of the biggest according to many I've talked to) that continuously harassed me during my heated and controversial set against Peasounay.  Because he was yet another Smogon birth defect who seemingly hated me because "he didn't play on smogon and smogon say bad things about him before i born so grrrr that make me mad," he wanted me to lose so badly and trolled me to the exultation of his idiot cronies.  What ended up happening instead was me pulling off maybe the greatest comeback victory in the history of that cursed tour, so I should be thankful to him for making it such a compelling narrative, perhaps.  Afterwards, he temporarily muted me like a baby because even his own people were starting to see the Smogon goons were petty losers who simply couldn't accept the fact that I was beating their top ranked players in their biggest team tournament, and then he played a role in getting me banned at the end of the year, which also angered people.  Overall, well, he's just another Smodrone; this is how they behave.  I knew what I was getting into.

Hikari: You would think I would have the same kind of praise for the assistant manager--absolutely not.  At first, there was no reason for me to dislike him, but the only reason he wanted my ban lifted was so that I could play on his team (sure, a compliment).  After that tour was over, he showed his true colors as yet another "made for Smogon" idiot.  However, compared to some of the other people on this list, that isn't saying a lot.  I knew what I was getting into.  I knew I'd be standing alongside legions of my asocial detractors who spend their free time crying about people they don't like (including me) on 4chan and similar bastions of 'tism.  Let them do that.

And yes, I know he was the moderator on SmogonJr who people loved to troll.

Zomog: He always treated me fairly. I have nothing against him; in fact, he even wrote about me in WCOP when he didn't have to.  While I found his paragraph about me a little bit too politically correct (though I understand he had to be given it's Smogon and "grrrr ggfan banned from smogon he troll because smogon say so"), it was fun to get that shout out.

Pasy G: I knew pasy long before he made his comeback in Smogon.  He was the one who had the replay of my game against Conflict in the semi finals of the 4Chords Cup, and we always got along whether it was hoping he wouldn't be "Mr. 2nd place" anymore or trolling Martin on the old German Pokemon Online server.  I was surprised to see him not only resurface a few years later but put up some big numbers.  Germans have a knack for comebacks, though: just look at Decode.

7. "will you ever come back to Pokemon Perfect?"

Probably not.

8. "what is the best thing since sliced bread?"

Unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

9. "who is the best rbyer of all time?"

Not marco.

10. "favorite set in spl and favorite post on smogon"

Favorite set is obviously week 3 against Peasounay: the intensity, pulling off the comeback after being harassed and trolled so hard, M Dragon being a great manager and arguing on my behalf, Peasounay being #1 at the time, etc.  Favorite post is harder to decide; maybe my loss post aganst Lusch in week 1 of WCOP (which was deleted because too many people liked it, which made them mad because "grrrr he banned from smogon he not suppose to be popular and well liked grrr i'm asocial and pathetic").

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